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▶ Wobble ▶▶▶ your way ▶ ▶▶ through ▶ the first ▶▶ ▶ ▶ dimension!

Line Wobbler Advance is a demake of Line Wobbler that started as a demo for Synchrony NYC demoparty. It includes remakes of the original Line Wobbler levels and an advance mode with 15 new levels.

Advance mode is a series of levels by designers creating their of visions of the Line Wobbler universe.  Most of the levels are harder than the originals and require a lot of retries.  These levels introduce variations on the core mechanics, cinematic interludes and new elements, such as reactive A.I.




Original ModeRobin Baumgarten
Advance ModePrashast ThapanCharles HuangJohn RheeLillyan LingGJ LeeEmily KoonceYuxin GaoBrian ChungPaloma DawkinsGus BoehlingDennis CarrShuichi AizawaBlake Andrewsmushbuh


☀ First place ☀ Wild category ☀ Synchrony 2018 ☀ 

Install instructions

Requires a Game Boy Advance emulator or ROM flash cart to play.  Some free GBA emulators include Mednafen (PC/Linux) or BoycottAdvance (OS X).


Line-Wobbler-Advance.gba 77 kB


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this game is amazing! I told frank what to do to make a level. level design!